30 interesting facts: Avengers: Infinity War


Mark Ruffalo revealed that he was given a fake script due to his habit of accidentally spoiling past Marvel movies. He jokingly claimed in an interview that the fake script was better than the real one

Doctor Strange has been studying for a few years since his solo movie, and is now considered one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The writers also wanted to have him come off as sort of "the adult in the room" throughout the movie

Tom Holland said that although he is a big fan of Chris Pratt and loved working with him, their scenes together were often challenging. Pratt's tendency to joke in and out of character made it hard for Holland to keep a straight face at times

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth ad-libbed the dialogue between Captain America and Thor in which they compared their facial hair, reasoning that they have known each other long enough to have that kind of friendly banter

Капитан Америка отходит от дел и от своего альтер-эго Капитана Америки, при этом он обновил свой костюм и отрастил бороду. Это комбинация двух случаев из комиксов, когда он отходил от дел и от имени "Капитан Америка". В одном случае, он стал называть себя Кочевником (Nomad) и сменил костюм, в котором характерной чертой стали желтые диски закрепленные на верхней части груди. Похожие железные пряжки есть на новом костюме в фильме. В другом случае, он отрастил бороду, затем побрился и взял имя "Капитан".

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) says "we have a Hulk" to Thanos (Josh Brolin), quoting what Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) said to Loki in Мстители (2012)

Rocket calls the outriders "space dogs". This line was written after a focus group saw one of the test screenings: one of the viewers referred to the creatures as "space dogs". The filmmakers thought it was hilarious and decided to add it to the movie

The name "Thanos" is a short form of the Greek name "Thanatos", which means "death" in Greek

This is the nineteenth movie released by Marvel Studios in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Although not explicitly stated in the movie, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight of The Black Order are husband and wife

WILHELM SCREAM: When the Maw gets blown out of the spaceship

In May 2018, this was one of three Marvel movies in theaters at the same time. The others being Чёрная Пантера (2018) and Дэдпул 2 (2018)

This movie begins and ends with a distress signal

The Black Order's power sets were adjusted for the movie, to not outshine the lead villain, and to line up with the heroes in a more interesting way

The river in Wakanda was built into the ground on a ranch in Georgia. There was a pump controlling the water and able to pump out thirty thousand gallons a minute

The Russo Brothers insisted Chris Pratt gain a small amount weight so that it would match Rocket's line in the movie: "Quill, you're one sandwich away from fat."

Captain America's shield does not appear at all in this movie

The shot of Peter Parker's hair raising is CGI, and is also an example of his spider-sense warning him of danger

There were drafts of the script where Tony and Steve reunited here, but it was much more complicated, and ultimately did not work

(At around one hour and thirty-nine minutes) The name of these creatures is the Outriders, making their first appearance in the Infinity comic books

Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Brolin appeared as love interests in Oldboy (2013), the second live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga

Tom Holland's third time playing Peter Parker / Spider-Man on-screen after The First Avenger: The Confrontation (2016) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), equalling Tobey Maguire

One of two 2018 films featuring Paul Bettany to feature a villain named "Proxima". Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is the other

Thor states he is one thousand five hundred-years-old, which gives his birthdate in the year 518 A.D. However, historically the first mention of Thor is (using the method of "interpretatio romana", where characteristics perceived to be similar by Romans result in identification of a Norse god as a Roman or Greek deity, in this case, Thor is equated to Hercules) by the Roman historian Tacitus is the first century (1 A.D. to 100 A.D.), predating the date Thor gave by four hundred years. Presumably though, after this amount of time, it would either be hard to remember exactly how many years you've lived, or it would be unimportant. Thor may have said fifteen hundred years for an "at least" approximation

The Asgardian ship at the beginning of the movie is the same ship from the ending of Thor: Ragnarök (2017), an example of how directly the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe connect

There was originally a draft of the script where Captain America saving Vision was Cap's first appearance in this movie. Like Lancelot in Excalibur (1981), Captain America shows up in this key moment of the battle to save Vision

(At around forty-three minutes) This scene had existed from the first draft, changing slightly through the process. It was always meant to highlight the abusive father-daughter relationship Thanos and Gamora have had

In the comic books, Morgan was the name of Tony Stark's cousin

В фильме Питер Паркер получает костюм Железного паука, который Тони Старк показал ему в конце фильма Человек-паук: Возвращение домой (2017), но Питер отказался от него и от членства в Мстителях.

Doctor Strange uses three of his signature spells in this movie, the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, the Images of Ikonn, and the Shield of the Seraphim


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